Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel T Blade Bolt Down Post Support and Timber Connector

Can be used as a post support or timber connector

thickness 3mm

2 x  10mm side holes


Base: 100mm x 100mm
Plate : 100mm width x 150mm height

Base  : 152mm x 152mm
Plate : 152mm width x 200mm height

Base 200mm x 200mm
Plate : 200mm width x 250mm height

Connectors can go in any direction: vertically, horizontally or even diagonally!

To install, a slot is cut in the base of the timber post to fit over the post support

giving a neat finish with just the bolts showing.

For timber connection:

This connector is mostly hidden and no special skills are required.

T Connectors greatly simplifies post and beam construction by eliminating the need
to cut mortise-and-tenon joint. After mounting our post and beam connectors on the posts
with wood screws, the horizontal and diagonal members are slotted, holes are drilled
from the back side, and then solid pins are driven through the plates to make a strong,
concealed connection.

It keeps the concrete footing

and fence post totally off the ground. So the wood is free of damage of termites.

Additionally, the holes on plates means that it is easy and firmly to fix the post anchor on the cement flooring.

So it is widely used in concrete structure. It facilitates fixing of the wooden elements

with concrete, assures appropriate separation between wood and substrate.