Galvanized Metal Heavy Duty Post Foot / Support Elevator 

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Galvanized Metal Heavy Duty Post Foot / Support Elevator 

thickness 4 mm

holes 11mm ( recommended fixings m10)

central hole/tube diameter 24mm


Base:  80mm x 80mm
Plate : 80mm x 80mm
Height (elevation): 100mm
Load : wood – 117,1 kN  ; steel – 66 kN

Base : 100mm x 100mm
Plate : 100mm x 100mm
Height (elevation) :100mm
Load : wood – 190,2 kN ; steel – 84,6 kN


When the wooden pole has a square cross-section,  for use to connect it to the concrete.

The postfoot provides resting place for the beam , improving the structure stability

and ensures extra space between the post and the ground.

At the same time, the element will also work when posts have significant weight.

It keeps the concrete footing and fence post totally off the ground.

So the wood is free of damage of termites.

Additionally, the holes on plates means that it is easy and firmly to fix the post anchor

on the cement flooring.

So it is widely used in concrete structure. It facilitates fixing of the wooden elements

with concrete, assures appropriate separation between wood and substrate

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