Galvanised Pergola Anchor SUPPORT to CONCRETE-IN Post Foot 90mm or 120mm

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Heavy Duty Galvanised SUPPORT to CONCRETE-IN Post Foot Pergola Anchor


PLATE : 90mm x 90mm x  or  120mm x 120mm
PIN : 35mm x 340mm
10mm holes (fixings m10 )


Post support gives the post necessary protection against the attack of termites and moisture.

It provides a quick and affordable method of fastening timber post. This kind of post anchor not only protects the post from corrosion, but also fixed it in the desired place firmly



•             Comply with building code requirements

•             Long term of providing protection

•             Enhance the stability of the post

•             Perfect for timber post

•             Anti-rust

•             Can be used in humid environments

•             Additionally, the zinc plating means it is corrosion resistant so that it can be used for a very long time and makes your cost effective


Recommended fixings M10

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