Stainless steel balustrade square post support 40×40 mm, H120 mm, satin finish

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Stainless steel square balustrade base plate 40×40 mm, H120 mm, satin finish


material: AISI 304
finish: Satin
base 80mm x 80mm , 5mm thick
height 120mm
square tube 40mm x 40mm
holes 4 x 11mm


AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel appear the same but perform very differently depending on the surrounding environment. This is due to the differences in the chemical composition between the two grades with AISI 316 offering more resistance to corrosion due to the molybdenum content.

In line with industry guidelines, as a general rule we recommend AISI 316 for outdoor use and AISI 304 for interior projects.

Although satin and mirror polished contain the same chemical composition, they appear very different due to the final surface finish. The mirror finish is polished down to approximately 0.2 microns, which produces a very smooth and reflective surface, making it the most suitable finish for coastal and busy industrial areas containing high emissions. Unlike the satin finish, which is polished down to approximately 0.5 microns, mirror polished provides minimal areas for corrosive elements in the air to rest, which potentially cause permanent damage to your system.

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